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March 13, 2016|Posted in: General

Golf is one of the most played and watched sports on the planet, with the sport growing beyond recognition with the emergence and success of Tiger Woods over the last couple of decades. This growth in the game has coincided with the online casino boom and it’s certainly no coincidence that you can find a number of golf based games at these sites, including scratch cards and slots.

In this article I’ll take a look at the best of the golf themed slots available, focusing on four particular games, each offering their own variation on the game of golf, a couple of the games even allowing you to play a hole or two alongside the more standard play. For a lot more information on the mini-entertainment industry that has grown out of online slot games, see

Golf Slot Games #1 – Gold Trophy 2

Gold Trophy is a straightforward but effective golf themed slot. This Play’n’go offering is played on the standard five reels and has a maximum of 20 pay lines. On the reels you’ll find many golf themed symbols, including a close up of the green, a man wearing an Augusta style jacket, although this time in gold as opposed to green, a golf buggy, a driver and of course a golf ball. The gold trophy itself is both the wild and the highest paying at the slot, worth an impressive 5,000 coins for landing the maximum five in a row. The highlight of the slot is the free spins bonus round activated by the ‘winners pay check’ scatter symbol – land three or more and you’ll find yourself with 15 free spins, each of these with a 3x multiplier.

Golf Slot Games #2 – Golden Tour

Golden Tour is a PlayTech offering, although it is clear from the graphics that this is a very early slot. The game is played on five reels, but is unusual in the fact that it only has 5 pay lines. On the reels you’ll find a number of golf themed symbols, including shoes, clubs, a buggy, different colored balls and the pint you’ll enjoy at the 19th hole. Interestingly, you’ll also find three animal symbols which act as scatters. Land three of the same kind on consecutive reels and you’ll activate the feature where you’ll now choose from a selection of putters, irons and drivers, which will win you a prize after seeing a golfing animation. You’ll also find Playtech’s dollar ball progressive jackpot as an option – enabling it allowing you a chance to win the Jackpot prize at the slot.

Golf Slot Games #3 – Hole in Won

Hole in Won is the first of two offerings in the i-slot range by Rival Gaming, both of which make the list! Once again, you’ll find a nice variety of golf based symbols including the shoes, buggy and ball once again, these joined by a couple of fun golfing characters, as well as the wild which is represented by an eagle. This is an expanding wild, so when it triggers the eagle will fill a whole reel and actually take a putt. The scatter symbol is a birdie who sits on a golf ball and land three or more and you’ll enter the feature round. This is where the game gets really interesting as you’ll now actually play golf – although you won’t quite hit the greens and fairways as the game features a nine hole crazy golf course. You’ll set the aim and the power for each shot with a simple point and click of the mouse, and the fewer shots you take, the more money you win. You’ll play one hole every time you land the feature and the great thing is, the more you play the slot, the better you’ll become.

Golf Slot Games #4 – Hole in Won – The Back Nine

The original Hole in Won game was so enjoyable, that Rival Gaming decided to produce a sequel! This game has a slicker feel to the original, which is in evidence immediately with the nice golfing animation at the start. The symbols have had a makeover, the biggest change being that one of the elderly male golfers has now been replaced by a younger, blonde, female player. The game works in the same way as the original, although the color scheme and the look of the slot is much more modern. In this version, the scatter symbol is the elderly golfer seen so impressively holing out in the opening animation, and land three and you are transported to the golf course again. Once again, you’ll play crazy golf, but this time with a whole new set of nine holes.

Best Golf Slots Online Overview

There are a number of enjoyable golf themed slots, but if I had to choose I’d certainly head for the Rival Gaming Hole in Won offerings. At both of these you’ll grab a putter and play a hole when activating the feature – this is a skill game, so when you become used to the controls and begin to master it, your payouts will begin to rise.  However, both Gold Trophy 2, with its free spins feature and nice multiplier and Golden Tour with the potential Jackpot payout both offer viable alternatives.

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